Video - West Gate Studios, the first private campus in Romania

West Gate Studios

West Gate Studios, the first private campus in Romania, developed by businessman Liviu Tudor, located in West Gate Park, hosts over 1,800 students and young professionals.

The private campus provides 925 fully furnished and equipped studios and apartments, lecture halls and sports facilities, a modern library with a unique design in Romania, shops, 24-hour security, parking lots and many other amenities.

For me, West Gate Studios is home, meaning safety, comfort, modern amenities and entertainment. I especially appreciate all living conditions that are the same as those offered by any other well-known campus in the West. The rooms are exceptional, and the modern library and reading rooms helps us to prepare properly for college. For our spare time, we have access to a fitness club, sports courts, café and restaurants inside the campus. And along with my fellow Romanian and foreign colleagues, we always organize a lot of events so we rarely feel the need to leave the campus for the city. Here we have everything we wanted!
NameAna Constantin
I chose to live in the West Gate Studios for a lot of reasons. First, the conditions offered. There is no another campus in Romania to provide students and young professionals so many amenities and leisure opportunities. Then, it was the location that also made the difference: the campus is close to my college, and close to many multinational companies in which I plan to find an internship or a job. I also admired the cohesive community of the residents, of which I wanted to be part since the first visit to campus. I am very proud that I am one of the residents of West Gate Studios!
NameRazvan Ion
24 Preciziei Blvd,
Sector 6, Bucharest, Romania